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Packing when you’re moving is super important. Doing it right can save you lots of time and make your move smooth. But, if you mess up, it can cause problems and stress. In this blog, we’ll talk about common packing mistakes to avoid.

Waiting Too Long
You might think you have a lot of time before the big moving day, but it comes faster than you think. So, don’t wait to start packing. Start at least 3 to 4 weeks before the move. This gives you enough time to organize, get the right stuff, and put everything in boxes. Begin by packing the stuff you don’t use every day. This way, you’ll have your seldom-used things packed first and the things you need every day stay out.

Not Having A Plan

Packing without a plan is a big no-no. You need a plan to stay organized. Here are some tips:
Make a to-do list with dates to follow. For example, pack the basement from days 1 to 4, then the garage, bedrooms, and so on.
Label each box with the room and what’s inside. This helps when you’re moving into your new place.
Keep similar things together. Like clothes in one box, kitchen stuff in another. It makes unpacking way easier.
Pack smartly. Put padding at the bottom of boxes, and put heavy stuff at the bottom and fragile things on top. Wrap delicate items with several layers of paper to keep them safe.
Make an essentials box with important stuff like electronics, documents, toothbrushes, and clothes. Keep it with you in the car.

Not Having Enough Supplies

You can’t have too many packing supplies. Before you start, make sure you’ve got:

Small, medium, and large boxes.
Special wardrobe boxes and strong china boxes.
Packing materials like paper, bubble wrap, and plastic wrap.
Good packing tape, labels, and markers.
Get plenty of supplies because you don’t want to run out when you’re on a roll with packing. Buy in bulk to be sure you have enough for the whole packing process.

Remember, good packing makes moving easier, so don’t make these common mistakes!